RaceTrac is known for delivering great service to the guests who come to us for our modern, convenient locations, quality food offers and wide product selection. As a pioneer and leader in the retail convenience industry, RaceTrac is capitalizing on its existing store locations and expertise in fuel and merchandise retailing to recruit and support qualified entrepreneurs.

These answers are not designed to fully instruct you on the details of this business endeavor; if you have additional questions, they can be found in the RaceTrac Franchise Disclosure Document.

What is the initial investment?
The initial investment is approximately $1 - $1.4 million.
What is the franchise fee?
The franchise fee is $25,000.
What is the security deposit?
The security deposit is $25,000.
Can I get my security deposit back?
You will receive your security deposit back at the end of the agreement term, less any deductions based on store conditions. You will not receive your security deposit if you terminate the lease agreement prior to its expiration.
What is the royalty fee?
The royalty fee is 3.5% of monthly gross inside sales.
Is there a marketing fee?
The marketing fee is 1.5% of monthly gross inside sales.
Is there a technology fee?
The technology fee is currently 0.25% of monthly gross inside sales.
How do I earn money on the sale of fuel?
RaceTrac pays franchisees a commission on every gallon of fuel sold.
Do I need to locate, purchase, or build my store?
Our real estate team members originally selected these three locations based on traffic flow in the area and projected growth patterns.
How long is the franchise agreement?
The franchise agreement is 10 years.
What are the financial qualifications?
The net worth requirement is $700,000. The liquidity requirement is $350,000.
Does RaceTrac offer financing?
No, RaceTrac does not offer any type of financing at this time.
Can I secure a loan for a portion of the investment?
Yes, you can secure a loan for a portion of the investment. 
Does RaceTrac provide training?
Yes, RaceTrac is pleased to offer a comprehensive training program that will provide franchisees the tools to operate a RaceTrac store.
Why does RaceTrac require participation in the day-to-day operations of the store?
We are looking for qualified, business-savvy franchisees who are looking to play an active role in managing their RaceTrac store.
Are there stores available in states beyond Florida?
RaceTrac is currently only offering opportunities in Clermont, Mt. Dora and DeLand, Florida. 

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